Nurse/Urgent Care Team




Urgent Care Team

Our experienced Paramedics, James and Sam spent many years managing life threatening emergencies on the road before undergoing further training in minor illness and minor injury.

Working alongside them is our Physician Associate, Laura.  Following her undergraduate honours degree in Biological Sciences, Laura went on to complete the Physician Associate Masters to train in the diagnosis and management of patients.

urgent care team

The Urgent Care Team see patients with urgent, non-life-threatening conditions such as infections, new lumps and bumps, palpitations, pains, rashes, minor burns and much, much more! They can take and interpret a variety of tests, such as bloods and ECGs. They also triage, assess, plan, treat and refer to both primary and secondary services as appropriate, making them an increasingly crucial support to our GPs.

  • James Axford
  • Sam Ashford-Smith
  • Laura Fry

Clinical Pharmacists

Nic and Anna are our Clinical Prescribing Pharmacists. They have face to face and telephone appointments with patients for long term conditions and will undertake in-depth structured medication reviews to ensure that individual patients’ medications are safe, up to date and effective. It is a chance for patients to be able to talk about their medications in more detail.

Managing long term conditions such as high blood pressure, the pharmacists will ensure that the most effective medication is prescribed, at the correct dosage and it is monitored correctly. They can also advise on medication queries such as taking multiple medications, side effects and titrating doses up or down to get the most from their medications.

  • Nicola Bruce
  • Anna Webster

Photo of clinical pharmacists Nicola Bruce and Anna Webster


Pharmacy Technicians

Annie reconciles medication changes from hospital discharge summaries so our patients have the correct medications and dosages on their repeat medication screen. They can also request alternative medications if a patient has been prescribed something that is currently not available in any pharmacy. This team will be growing very soon!

  • Annie Mardon
  • Nicola Street

nicola and annie



Our Nurses help the doctors provide medical care by assessing, screening, treating, and educating our patients. They support our patients to improve their quality of life through chronic disease management, administer all our childhood immunisations and travel vaccines, carry out cervical cancer screening, manage wounds/leg ulcers and much more.

  • Elaine Gibson
  • Ruth Kethro
  • Jessica Godfrey
  • Katy Jones
  • Sally Cox

photo of our practice nurses

photo of our practice nurses


Research Nurses 

Overseen by GP Partner Dr Davies, our Research Nurses sign up to studies that are recognised by the National Institute for Health Research.

Nicola, Jenny, and Jess consult with participants, enabling them to make an informed decision about whether they would like to be enrolled in a study. They then see enrolled patients for any treatment and/or testing.

Research Nurses

The research team have a dedicated website where patients can look up which studies are currently open to recruitment. You can also self-refer if you think you may be suitable for a particular study - you do not need to wait to be contacted by one of the research team. They are running both local and international trials. Our friendly and approachable Research Nurses along with the very knowledgeable Dr Davies oversee the whole process with the patients, and look after them from start to finish!

  • Nicola White
  • Jenny Thomas
  • Jessica Godfrey

Mental Health Nurses

Patients may be offered an appointment with one of our Mental Health Nurses for a huge variety of reasons. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, stress at work/school, panic attacks, loss of self-confidence, anxiety, depression, suicidal or self-harm thoughts.

Terianne and Gemma have vast experience in helping patients to use de-escalation techniques to manage their emotions and understand the source of their discomfort. Mental Health Nurses provide treatment through medications and talking therapies, and can signpost or refer to secondary services where necessary.

  • Terianne Vickers
  • Gemma North

mental health nurses


Healthcare Assistants

Ruth, Denise, Paula, Lisa and Mel work within the Nursing team and are trained in a variety of specific clinical procedures, under the guidance of our healthcare professionals. Between them, our caring and friendly HCA’s carry out dressings, health checks, ECGs, ear wax assessments, syringing, injections, stop smoking clinics, spirometry, and annual reviews. They may also act as a chaperone when a patient or clinician requests one.

  • Ruth Reader
  • Denise Vear
  • Paula Clarke
  • Lisa Evans
  • Melanie Norton

The healthcare assistants



John, Josh and Charlie are First Contact Practitioners for any musculoskeletal (MSK) problems, such as neck, back, knee or shoulder pain. Our Physios can assess and diagnose MSK conditions and give expert advice on how to manage symptoms. They are also able to refer onto specialist service where necessary.

  • John Robbins
  • Josh Wellman
  • Charlie Clements

Image of John, Josh and Charlie