Do you have asthma or COPD?




If so, did you know that a simple inhaler switch could help reduce your impact on the environment? Here's how it works...


Image of an inhaler

It's good for you

Dry powder inhalers are effective, contain the same medication and are easier to use for most patients allowing you good asthma control


It's good for the environment

Many patients have Metered Dose Inhalers which contain potent greenhouse gases called HFCs. This contributes to global warming (some more than others). Dry Powder Inhalers, however, are much more environmentally friendly.


If you are interested in switching to a greener inhaler discuss it with your asthma/COPD nurse or GP at your next review.


Remember to dispose of your old inhalers at your local pharmacy where any harmful greenhouse gases remaining can be disposed of safely.

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Published: Dec 6, 2021